iPhone 11 Screen Replacement and Screen Repair

If your iPhone 11 screen has fallen victim to screen cracks, glass shatters, or an unresponsive operating system, don’t lose hope! The Tech22 team are Australia’s go-to experts in iPhone repairs and offer both in-store services at over 60 locations and at-home service and repair jobs for those who can’t get in to see us.

Here we’ve highlighted the most fundamental information about safely handling an iPhone 11 so you can get your screen replaced and back online. With some customers asking whether or not they can replace their own iPhone 11 screen at home, we’ll cover some good to know information about online DIY kits that may help you decide whether an at-home job is the right choice for you.

Read on to learn more about iPhone 11 screen replacement and repairs.

The Process Behind iPhone 11 Screen Replacements

The iPhone 11 boasts a Super Retina HD display that brings your phone to life–that said, beneath the glass is a highly intricate system that works together to make your phone operational. From an internal digitiser to your phone’s OLED touch panel, the entire hardware and software components that make up your iPhone are highly complex.

Grasping this complexity is one of the first things we talk to new customers about. Why? Because understanding the detailed and complex nature of iPhones can help clients appreciate why a professional screen replacement is often the best course of action to bring their phone back to life. What can seem like a simple task of “just replacing the screen” often involves far more than changing a glass panel and is a job that usually requires specialist skills and tools to get it safely and effectively done.

Where and How to Get Your iPhone 11 Screen Replaced

If your iPhone 11 screen is cracked, shattered, or otherwise compromised, it’s high time you considered a screen replacement. If this sounds like you, here are the three common solutions most iPhone users will pursue:

  1. Going Back to the Provider: heading to the Apple Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider is a reliable first port of call. That said, working with the Apple store or an Authorised Service Provider is often the most expensive and time-consuming option–especially if you’re out of warranty and don’t have AppleCare+.
  2. Working with a Third-party Repair Team: Tech22 is a third-party repair group and we’re proud of using quality parts and delivering excellent customer value.
  3. The last solution that some clients want to try is a DIY kit that will help them repair or replace their screen at home. Thinking about going this route? Read on about the risks inherent in trying to replace your screen alone.

The Risks and Realities of DIY iPhone Screen Replacement Kits

Thinking about a DIY screen replacement kit? While there are numerous repair kits available online, we always recommend pursuing this option with extreme caution.

The iPhone 11’s screen requires careful handling to replace effectively and safely. Though unintentional, one misstep could lead to further damage, and as mentioned above–the entire internal and external ecosystem that makes up a functional iPhone is an intricate and interrelated one. Unless you’re confident in your technical abilities to safely replace your iPhone screen, we usually recommend leaving it to the professionals.

Work with Tech22 for Your iPhone 11 Screen Replacement Job

All in all, if your iPhone 11 screen is cracked beyond repair, a professional screen replacement is likely your best solution to getting back online. With the Tech22 repair team understanding the challenges inherent in replacing an iPhone screen, our experts can safely diagnose and fix your phone as one of the most affordable, and fastest, solutions in the market.

If you need to get your screen replaced and don’t know where to begin, start with a call to the Tech22 team. With over 60 locations dotted across Australia, we can help assess your phone and get you back online today.


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