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Device Warranty, Terms and Conditions

Pre-owned  Devices (Phone, iPad and Tablets)
  • The Customer acknowledges that the Pre-Owned Device may have refurbished parts. A 24 Hour cooling off period from the initial purchase date is instated with purchase. Refunds are subject to inspection, the device must be returned in the same condition prior to purchase.
  • Tech22 reserves the right to deny a refund request upon inspection.
  • Tech22 provide 3 months warranty on Pre-Owned Devices.
  • Warranty covers software faults, but does not cover; Physical, Water or Jail Break Damage.
  • If the Pre-Owned Device is found to be faulty within 6 months of purchase and deemed under warranty, Tech22 will, under ACCC rules and regulations, in a timely manner, attempt to rectify the faults. If the faults are non-repairable, we will source a replacement device, if a replacement device is not available, we will provide a refund.
  • A refurbished part is most likely to be used as a “used” part that has been ‘reconditioned’ or ‘restored’ to an acceptable working order
  • Tech22 reserve the rights to deny a refund or an exchanged requested for devices that are not faulty.
  • Warranty does NOT  include physical or water damage. No exchanges or refunds are permitted if a change of mind has occurred after the 24 hour cooling off period, including devices with no faults found.
Pre-owned Scooters

Service Centre Policies:

  • If the service centre finds no issue with the returned product or if the problem doesn’t meet warranty criteria, an inspection fee will be charged.
  • For warranty-covered products, Tech22 covers the freight cost to and from the service centre.
  • If the product isn’t under warranty based on the service centre report, the customer covers the freight cost.
  • For non-warranty products, customers must choose to pay for repair or decline repair within 3 days of receiving the inspection report and quotation. Product pickup is required within 5 days after repair/non-repair; otherwise, postage fees apply.
  • Failure to provide instructions within the stipulated timeframe results in the product being sent back to the designated warehouse, incurring freight charges.
  • Storage fees of $5 per unit per day apply for products stored beyond 30 days. After this period, the service centre may consider the product abandoned for self-handling

Out of Warranty Coverage:

  • Damage resulting from incorrect, improper, or negligent compliance with the user manual.
  • Malfunctions caused by usage beyond product design parameters or non-statutory usage.
  • Any defect or accident resulting from unauthorized modification or disassembly.
  • Damage incurred during servicing, upgrades, or expansions by unauthorized service providers.
  • Use of the product outside permitted or intended uses outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Damage caused by non-compliant accessories or improper voltage/power supply.
  • Natural wear and tear, including commercial use of the product.
  • Incidents of vehicle theft, fire accidents due to improper storage or use, or damage caused by acts of nature or God such as lightning strikes or cyclones.
  • Damage resulting from negligence, accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, or other external causes.

Liability Limitations:

  • Tech22 shall not be liable for any costs associated with product problems, product use issues, personal safety problems, or fire incidents caused by the aforementioned conditions.
New Device Warranty Terms and Conditions
  • If the security seal is broken no refunds and exchanges are permitted.
  • All Samsung “As New Pre-Owned” and “New” (sealed) devices come with a 12 month warranty – claimable direct through Samsung.
Vivo/Oppo Device Warranty Terms and Conditions


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