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Our expert team of technicians can come to your door, or you can visit one of our branches across Brisbane to have your phone repaired that day.

Featured REPAIRs

Our experienced team specialises in iPhone repair, including other popular brands like Samsung, but we are not limited to just the big players. We can also assist you with popular brands including all Androids, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia – you name it. Our workshop has all of the parts on hand to get your device back up and running, and we specialise in all replacements and maintenance.

Best of all, our specialties are not limited to smartphones either. If you have an Android tablet or iPad that needs a new screen or any other form maintenance, we can assist.

Broken Screen

If your screen is cracked, unresponsive, flickering, or showing a blank display, it will likely need to be replaced. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and either repair or replace the screen to minimize the cost of the repair.

Battery issues

If you are having difficulties with charging your device, there could be various underlying issues at play. It is possible that a new battery is needed, or there might be debris lodged in the charging port impeding the device’s ability to charge effectively.

Water Damage

Dealing with water-damaged devices can be quite challenging, depending on the extent of the damage. If your phone has been affected by water, reach out to our team for assistance in determining the most suitable repair solution.

Camera Issues

If you are encountering difficulties with accessing your camera, our team is prepared to explore various troubleshooting options. In the event that your camera is damaged or malfunctioning, we can investigate potential replacement solutions for your device.

Speaker Issues

Were you aware that your device contains multiple microphones and speakers? If you or the person on the other end of a call are encountering issues with sound quality during communication, we offer assistance through thorough cleaning services or by replacing the speaker or microphone to ensure optimal audio performance.

Button Issues

Non-functional or sticky buttons can be a source of great annoyance. Our team at Tech22 specializes in promptly diagnosing button-related issues and implementing effective solutions to resolve them efficiently.

Charging Issues

If you are encountering problems with charging your device, there may be various underlying issues contributing to this issue. It is possible that a replacement battery could be necessary or there might be debris obstructing the charging port, impacting the device’s charging capability.

Wifi & Bluetooth

If you are facing difficulties with your phone’s reception or connectivity, it is essential to visit us at Tech22 for assistance. Our team can conduct a thorough examination to identify the root cause of the problem and perform necessary repairs right on our premises.


Stores Situated Across QLD

Having fixed over 1 million devices, Tech22 is one of the QLD’s #1 device repair service. With drop off, pick up and mail in options for repair, our team is incredibly flexible when it comes to fixing devices. Tech22 only uses the highest quality parts at the most competitive price.