iPhone Water Damage: What You Need to Know and How to Fix

For many iPhone users, that moment of dropping your phone into a body of water or spilling a glass of juice on your phone can be heart-stopping. Is it the end of the road for your iPhone? Not necessarily. Let’s decode the stigma and mystery surrounding iPhone water damage and offer you a few quick and practical tips to get back online ASAP.

Understanding a Water Damaged iPhone

First things first, we want to debunk a common myth we hear in the store: iPhones are water-resistant, not waterproof. What this means is that most iPhones can withstand minor splashes without going offline–but prolonged exposure or submersion in any liquid can lead to major damage.

If your iPhone has come into contact with water, juice, or otherwise, it’s super important to act quickly. We recommend your first course of action to be turning off your device, avoid charging it, and getting it to a professional repair service as soon as possible. Even if your iPhone seems fine, water can cause delayed problems such as corrosion or battery damage once it reaches the inner workings of your phone so we recommend getting it checked out even if it seems to be fine on the day.

The Importance of Professional Assessment

While there are numerous DIY tips out there for dealing with iPhone water damage, the safest route is to seek professional help. A professional repair service has the necessary tools and expertise needed to accurately assess the damage and recommend the best course of action as soon as possible.

While you may spend more money initially seeking the help of an expert, it can save you from causing further harm to your device and having to spend more money down the road.

The Process Behind Water Damage Phone Repairs

Once your device is in the hands of professionals, most repair teams will begin the process of drying out and cleaning your iPhone, focusing on preventing corrosion, and inspecting for other damage. This process is intricate and requires expert knowledge and equipment and may take longer to ensure no damage goes unnoticed than your every cracked screen fix. We always recommend assuming that water damage phone repair jobs will take longer than one day.

Prevention is Better than Cure: Protecting Your iPhone

While water damage repair services can often save the day, it’s best to avoid the issue in the first place. Investing in a quality waterproof case, avoiding using your phone in wet environments, and keeping your device away from liquids can go a long way in preventing water damage to begin with.

iPhone Water Damage: Not a Death Sentence

In conclusion, iPhone water damage can be super stressful–but it doesn’t have to mean the end for your phone. By taking quick action and asking for the right professional help, your water-damaged iPhone can often be brought back to life in no time with few (if any!) long-term repercussions.

That said–it’s always good to remember that it’s better to prevent water exposure wherever possible than seek a solution. In the event the unthinkable happens, know that professional repair services are there to help you navigate a solution and offer the best possible outcome for your phone.

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